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Omniversal Healing integrates deep knowledge in functional anatomy with cutting edge insights from neuroscience, trigger point therapy, energy medicine and more to bring focused solutions to pain and movement limitation issues through Coaching The Body® methods.

These insights are truly revolutionary and have been applied with great success to many manual and movement therapies including:  bodywork, yoga, pilates, physical therapy, corrective exercise, athletics etc.

We provide knowledge to yoga teachers and practitioners, manual and movement therapists as well as treatment and coaching to individuals, online and in-person.

Individuals with Pain & Limitation

Lose the pain and regain the range of motion and strength through revolutionary Coaching The Body® sessions!

Doug Ringwald is a Coaching The Body® Master Practitioner and is available for online coaching sessions and in-person treatment sessions in Aurora, Colorado.

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Yoga Teachers & Practitioners

Transform your understanding, practice and teaching of Yoga into a therapeutic powerhouse of focused solutions.  Help your students, yourself and your business thrive!

First full length yoga course coming soon.  Checkout the free yoga content on the blog and get the free mini-course on applying PIR stretching in yoga here.  

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Bodyworkers & Massage Therapists

Be your clients' hero while working from a place of ease with the revolutionary Coaching The Body® methods.

Learn to solve pain and movement problems, and turbo charge your practice and business!

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Learn how to increase range of motion and decrease discomfort,
in any Yoga posture, in 30 seconds,
using post isometric relaxation!
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I've been helping people relieve "intractable" pain successfully for 10 years...

and providing knowledge and training to massage therapists, bodyworkers, yoga teachers, personal trainers, physical therapists, athletic trainers, chiropractors, medical doctors and others in how to restore pain-free range of motion, in themselves and their clients, using the revolutionary Coaching The Body® understanding and methods.

It's not rocket science!  It's neuromuscular science! :)

CTB is easily applied in any manual (bodywork) or movement (yoga, pilates, corrective exercise etc.) setting.  The effectiveness rests upon some key understandings of pain sources and perpetuators, originally discovered by my mentor, Chuck Duff, at Coaching The Body Institute.  We have been working together for many years refining the CTB methods and protocols.

It is my mission and pleasure to bring this knowledge to as many therapists and individuals as possible.  More about my story here.

- Doug Ringwald

Dr. Tom Bryant

Chiropractor, Health Solutions

I refer many patients to Doug that need extensive soft tissue work to relieve their pain.  He is highly skilled, knowledgeable and very effective.

Anne Connors

Personal Trainer, Fitness Plus

Doug is great!  He has helped me and many of my personal training clients.  I often refer people to him that are experiencing pain and movement problems.  He consistently delivers great results, helps me keep people moving!

Susan Niswander

Competitive Triathlete, Iron Man

When I first came to Doug, I could not move my left shoulder without pain and could not swim.  With his treatments I got out of pain, was able to continue training, and not only finished the Mont-Tremblant IronMan, I won!  I could not have done it without him!

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